We are building the 21st century digital newsroom, with a community united behind progressive values.

CONTENT is a startup video news company backed by the founders of several popular liberal news sites; CONTENT News will be an extension of an online publishing business that is on track to have 1 Billion pageviews in 2017 and over 9 million followers on Facebook.

We live politics and stand tall for progressive values. Local and evening television broadcasts are afraid to take a position – to say what’s right. The cable news shows are all part of the same exclusive club trying to buy access. We do everything we can to be different. We create clear-minded video news for liberals.

We will swim together or drown separately. There are very few real news sources that provide high quality, honest and progressive video news about the issues of the day. CONTENT is doing just that. And we can NOT exist without you.

We are entirely funded by our awesome membership community, who we partner with to create a completely independent news organization.

Our Core Mission

Independent Journalism & the Digital Age

We believe that a free and independent press is the cornerstone of a progressive democratic society. Through our partnership with our members, we are entirely self-funded — from our staff to our web servers — and that allows us to remain clearly focused on our mission of delivering liberal news anchored by our progressive values.

By focusing on delivering news through the dynamic video platform of YouTube, we can quickly get the news out to our subscribers in an engaging and media rich format. And as part of a larger network of progressive news websites, we are proud to serve millions of visitors every day.


We’re currently growing at a rapid pace. Please help build the 21st century digital newsroom and become part of the community now. Thank you for your support.



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